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10 Types Of Ear Piercings To Try + Pain Level & Healing Times

Before electing for a new ear piercing, it’s important to do your research. As fun and glam as it is to adorn your ears with gemstones, it’s typically not the type of venture you turn to on a whim. Well, we take that back: if you’re here reading this article, we’ll assume you’re not necessarily one to opt for an impulse pierce.

In fact, it’s quite helpful to peruse all your options before adding to your ear party, both for you and your piercer. Arriving at an appointment informed and prepared (bonus points for reference images) can help the process run more smoothly—meaning, more time picking out jewelry and less time settling on a location. 

So go ahead and familiarize yourself with the 10 types of ear piercings below: We’ve made the decision easy for you, with pain levels and healing times for each. 

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