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13 Genius Tips For Making The Most Of Your Produce Haul + A Recipe

Needless to say, back when I was growing up with our herby CSA, we could’ve used some help from Ali Stafford, a self-described CSA aficionado and the personality behind @alexandracooks on Instagram. Luckily, I have it now: She was kind enough to share some of her ultimate CSA box tips with me, along with a recipe that’s perfect for any miscellaneous veggies you may have on hand.

“I love my weekly CSA box foremost because I get delicious, fresh produce without having to make a trip to the farmers market and without having to pay farmers market prices,” Stafford shared. While she notes that shopping at a farmers market does facilitate connection with farms and farmers, “there is something special about being very connected to a single farm, one you ‘invest’ in at the start of the season, then receive from all year long.”

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