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2021 Your Skin Year Natural Kaos Skin Calendar: The Essential Planner and Journal to Organize Your DIY Skincare Procedures

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NATURAL KAOS TRIBE is an enthusiastic group of people who have an interest in DIY skincare including some professional face and body procedures. Founded by Kim Pratt in 2018, Natural Kaos, LLC can now be found on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and most recently on their own app, Natural Kaos. This incredible group discusses research and procedures such as threads, toxins, lasers, peels, masks, skincare, cosmetics, fillers, and even the latest beauty ideas and trends coming out of Russia, Korea, and Europe. Kim has even given us access to her extensive list of exclusive PROMO AND COUPON CODES for this calendar!

This journal and tracker for face and body cosmetic procedures and skincare was designed by Amity Messett specifically for the Natural Kaos Tribe and is the ultimate tool for DIY skincare. It will help you remember the exact procedure, including time, date, amounts, method, and results., complete with placement maps and space for your notes.

What’s inside:

  • Monthly list space for products and procedures you would like to try, buy, or items that you need to purchase for your cosmetics arsenal
  • Monthly calendar with a Key that gives you space to note and plan procedures, giving your skin the optimum healing time in between procedures. You will never forget which day you had your botox injection and how long it took for your 11’s to freeze, how many times you used your LED mask which depth and what peptides you used for micro-needling, which skincare mask had your skin glowing the next day, or when you did your TCA peel and how long the healing process took before you no longer looked like a peeling mess!
  • Weekly calendar so you can note or plan your skin routine, mask, and other procedures with space for AM and PM
  • Procedure pages with space for information on your Microneedling, Neurotoxin, Laser, Peel, Radio Frequency, High Frequency, Fibroblast, Threads, Lip or face filler or other cosmetic procedure with space to note brands, amounts, placement, injection method, needle or cannula information, and more.
  • Face maps and body maps so you can note the exact placement of injections and procedures.

Empower yourself with this tool that will allow you to have all of your skincare and cosmetic procedure information in one spot. Take control of your cosmetic processes and beauty care.



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