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3 Fascinating Tips To Support The Skin Through The Fascia (Read Up!)

Water is essential for all body functions—and for the fascial, it helps the tissue stay supple and flexible. But as Bhat notes, the way you hydrate yourself is important too: She recommends lots of watery foods and filtered water with electrolytes. 

“Listen to your body’s cues of when you are thirsty—and don’t just drink liquids to hydrate,” she says. “Really focus on filtered water with electrolytes and minerals, and then eating lots of watery fruits and vegetables.” 

As for foods, there are so many hydration-supporting options to try. “You want the type of water that’s in cucumbers or celery,” she says—we also love sweet potatoes, watermelon, tomatoes, and citrus fruits. “Those are great for natural hydration because they have sodium, potassium, and all the different vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that help our body absorb what we need.”  

And when you’re just drinking water? Make sure it’s filtered and contains minerals. “Sometimes we just need some filtered water with a little bit of pink salt.

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