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3 Ways To Feel More Beautiful Without A Single Beauty Product

It’s not often you have a conversation with someone that stays with you days or weeks after the fact. But that’s how I felt about this most recent episode of Clean Beauty School. In it, I interviewed one of the buzziest beauty writers of our day, and several points that were made throughout our conversation have changed how I view my own work, the industry, and, well, beauty itself. 

“The beauty industry has attempted to take this intangible, philosophical concept of beauty and push it into this narrow understanding of physical beauty. And I think that’s why we’re never really satisfied with physical beauty,” says beauty expert and journalist Jessica DeFino. “We keep buying more, wanting more, trying new things, and applying new things because we’re searching for this satisfaction that cannot come solely from the physical. We’re searching for beauty in an industry that is only serving it to us by its definition.”

Throughout the episode, we talked a lot about the problems and our hang-ups in the beauty industry—including the clean beauty space—but, here, I wanted to share some positive takeaways from the episode. Hopefully, these will help you feel beautiful—no beauty product required: 

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