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5 Plant-Based Food Trends You’re About To See Everywhere + Fun Ways To Try Them

Sure, there’s been vegan “cheese” on the market for a while, but it didn’t really go beyond the simple slice until recently—and even then, I wouldn’t go as far to say that it was to the artisan level that Whole Foods is noting for this year. “While using nut-based milks and ingredients like black garlic truffle, dill Havarti, and chive is unique, plant-based cheesemakers are also replicating the methods used to make dairy cheeses for more authentic textures and flavors,” they say on the website. If you ask me, this exploration of real cheese processes to make plant-based options is long overdue.

Can’t wait to see it in stores? We’ve got the 411 on making vegan cheese yourself, at home—and it’s not even that difficult. A good place to start is with this plant-based ricotta, which only takes four ingredients.

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