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An RD’s Collagen Cinnamon Roll Latte Recipe That’s A+ For Fall

This blend also features some noteworthy benefits for your beauty routine. Specifically, it’s filled with collagen to help support glowing, nourished skin.* Studies have shown that collagen supplements can support skin elasticity and overall hydration, but mindbodygreen’s beauty & gut collagen+ also includes vitamin C and vitamin E—which provide extra antioxidant support for your whole body.* Not to mention, the powder contains turmeric, biotin, SGS, L-glutamine, and hyaluronic acid for additional skin and full-body benefits.* Talk about a coffee that can multitask. 

As far as flavor goes, this recipe calls on cinnamon and vanilla extract to nail that subtly sweet taste without the blood sugar spike. Easily paired with the milk of your choice, it’s a frothy, smooth confection nothing short of a seasonal dream. 

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