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Astrologers Say The Planet Of Beauty & Romance Will Shake Things Up This Week

Rustle up that lace fan and cameo pin (but maybe skip the corset…) and quick! Clear the NSFW links from your browsing history.

As the planet of beauty and romance luxuriates in the Virgin’s domain until August 16, modesty and restraint are en vogue. This transit is a harsh interruption to the bon vivant vibes of the past four weeks. Since June 27, Venus has been flipping her Vegas-sized mane in Leo’s lair—with passionate Mars belting out a bawdy duet alongside her! The highs and lows, the dramatic arcs…ah, so much good material for diaries and future memoirs. But for the coming four weeks, the plotline will feel much tamer. As Cupid breaks down his reality-show set, savor the simpler expressions of affection: the warmth of a genuine embrace, the radiance of a fresh-faced glow.

With Venus sprinkling clean, green fairy dust, healthy is sexy! And don’t scoff at the pragmatic parts of relationships like coordinating schedules and agreeing on budgets. This simplified cycle is all about analog loving. Instead of sending a Snapchat, slip a love letter into the mailbox. Pick up the phone to say hi instead of firing off a text. The personal touch is everything now. Another reason you should not throw logic out the window at this time? Benefics (planets known for their favorable influence) Venus and Jupiter will be in opposition the morning after, on Thursday, July 22, and this transit is notorious for spurring an overly optimistic POV.

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