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Avengers: Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther arrives with ‘War for Wakanda’ expansion

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix’s superhero action game Marvel’s Avengers has got its biggest free content drop yet in the form of the ‘War for Wakanda’ expansion pack which adds a new Avenger to the team: The Black Panther. Along with the king as the playable character, the War for Wakanda expansion brings the sovereign African nation of Wakanda to the game too.
In the expansion’s story, the technologically advanced African nation will come under threats from enemies, most notably Ulysses Klaue or Klaw and Captain America and the other Avengers would have to come to the aid of King T’Challa to save his country. Here is what the expansion pack adds to the game, in some detail.
War for Wakanda is a free expansion pack, so if you own the base game on any platform, you should be able to access it. The storyline of the expansion pack is an original story inspired by the comics and consulted on by Evan Narcisse, who has written much on the character.
The Black Panther: Powers and abilities
King T’Challa is the new playable Avenger whose abilities include rewarding defensive blocks and parries that keep on building his intrinsic Meter. When charged to full, it can be used to release a burst of kinetic energy. T’Challa can play as a predator too and has a pounce attack that lets him grapple enemies to the ground and ravage them with your Vibranium claws.
The main villain and his ally
Ulysses Klaue or Klaw is the main villain featured in the expansion pack. He infiltrates Wakanda and begins corrupting Vibranium, the metal on which the whole Wakandan economy is built because he wants revenge for his father’s death at the hands of the earlier Black Panther. He has at his command Vibranium-armoured henchmen, drones and arachnid-like robots. Crossbones is also added to the game as the head lieutenant to Klaw. Crossbones can wield a giant Gatling gun with both of his hands.

New characters
The War for Wakanda story will play out in the jungle biome of the country, with the temples and caves protected by Wakandan technology but some other areas being dangerous to set foot in. Wakanda’s capitol building in the heart of Birnin Zana will be the outpost of the Black Panther where can come back in between missions. There, you get to meet the other new characters in the game like T’Challa’s sister Shuri, Okoye, the leader of the ‘Dora Milaje’ royal guard and Zawavari, the royal family’s adviser.

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