Hunger is a feeling that has an uncanny habit of striking at odd hours. Even the best of us succumb to these untimely hunger pangs – whether it is early in the morning or late at night. Sometimes, we foodies can’t help but feel hungry even in the middle of important tasks. This was exactly the situation that a burglar faced in a recent incident that went viral. A burglar called off a heist midway to cook some Khichdi for himself, and got caught in the act thus getting arrested by the police. Assam Police took to Twitter to share a short snippet of the hilarious incident. Take a look:

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“The curious case of a cereal burglar! Despite its many health benefits, turns out, cooking Khichdi during a burglary attempt can be injurious to your well-being,” read the funny tweet by the official handle of Assam Police. “The burglar has been arrested and Guwahati Police is serving him some hot meals,” they further confirmed.

The incident reportedly took place in the Hengrabari area of Guwahati, Assam. A report by Hindu elicits the details of the burglary. While the burglar was in the process of stealing valuables from an empty house, he stopped to make Khichdi for himself. This is when neighbours noticed sounds coming from the kitchen and alerted the police, who then caught him red-handed.

Twitter users couldn’t help but react to the bizarre yet hilarious incident. A number of them could relate to the burglar’s need to cook and eat Khichdi at such an odd time. Others said that Khichdi was too delicious a dish to resist. “Khichdi is love,” wrote one user while another said, “If khichdi is tasty, show him some mercy!”

Take a look at the funniest reactions here:

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In May 2021, a similar incident had gone viral on social media. UK police were able to nab a wanted criminal after he shared a picture of cheese on his account. The police determined his whereabouts with the help of this picture! Click here to read more about this story.

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