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Can 4 Weeks Of Yoga And Pilates Transform Your Life?

At any given moment, dozens of things are competing for our attention. There’s laundry to do, mouths to feed, and texts to answer (or not)… In today’s world, staying centered is invaluable, and that simply means connecting to that unwavering strength inside each of us that says, I got this. We all want more of that — and nothing cultivates center quite like the mindful practices of yoga and Pilates.

While yoga guides us toward center using breath and postures, Pilates cultivates the strength and resilience that helps us keep center… in a rather turbulent world. These practices are powerful on their own, but I’ve found that when you combine them — they’re transformative. Which is why, as a yoga instructor, I recommend the Centr Align program to basically everyone. Inspired by Elsa Pataky’s favorite styles of training, it’s four weeks of yoga and Pilates classes to build confidence, core strength, and flexibility. Accessible to all levels, with just a yoga mat, this program is all about finding grounding and transformation. Here’s how:

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