Dwayne Johnson, popularly referred to by his ring name “The Rock”, is known to treat himself to “cheat meals” on Sundays. And, staying true to his tradition, his first cheat meal arrived on the very second day of the new year. In an Instagram update, “The Rock” said he “is going big with the famous or infamous Rock Toast”. A video accompanied the social media post, which showed him relishing the creamy toast. He said, “Get ready for Rock toast – the world’s greatest French toast you have ever had.”

Dwayne Johnson said the “super-secret recipe of pure heaven” was prepared by his amazing chef Racquel Rockquemore-Breiz. “Let’s set the tone for 2022 and all of us having the greatest cheat meal Sundays ever.”

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The video showed Dwayne Johnson standing in a courtyard with a plate full of his special toast. “Guys, we have got to make this one amazing, we got to make this big… On this day, to kick-off 2022, world-famous or infamous – however, you want to put it – the Rock toast, four-inch-thick. Made by two Rocks, one French toast. Amazing,” the actor says as he cuts a piece of the toast with a fork, allowing the whipped cream to flow into the plate.

As per the actor, the toast is topped up with:

Warm homemade coconut, peanut butter maple syrup

– Vanilla whipped cream

– Teremana infused toasted coconut chips

Check the Instagram post here:

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Dwayne Johnson then went on to thank people across the United States who have tasted the yummy toast. “Thank you for your incredible reactions and for those of you who will finally try it this year. Get ready for the world’s most delicious French toast,” he added.

“The Rock”, after his well-received wrestling career, moved to films and has acted in several movies. A fitness enthusiast, he, however, likes to sidestep his strict diet plan on Sundays to relish the many dishes he can lay his hands on.

Previously, he tried two juicy sirloin burgers with double bacon and avocado.

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