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Google is testing comments translation feature for YouTube, how to get the feature and use it

Google has started testing a comment translation feature for YouTube. The feature is currently being tested on the YouTube app for Android and iOS and is now available to YouTube Premium subscribers. The comment translation feature is available for the test till September 9.
Instant translate for comments, as the name implies, automatically translates viewer’s comments in the selected language. What that means is with the translation feature turned on, when YouTube detects that some comment is not in the native language of the smartphone, it automatically translates it into it.
The new option is a part of the YouTube Experiment program which gives Premium subscribers a chance to test out new and upcoming features ahead of the final rollout.
To try these features, Premium members need to opt-in to the experimental program.
In the official post, the company has also explained the steps to use this feature.
Once you’ve opted-in for the experimental feature, restart the app and most likely you’ll start seeing a new Translate button on comments in other languages. Users can simply tap on that to translate it.
YouTube is also giving users the option to roll back the translation by tapping on the See original button.
The feature is currently in the testing phase and we have no information by when we can expect the final rollout if that ever happens.
However, the feature might look like an additional bonus feature, but it can come in really handy for both creators and viewers. This will help eliminate the language barrier for both of them and especially for creators to understand viewer’s reactions and feedback on their videos.

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