Be it on the menu of your favorite Indian restaurant or for a dinner party at home, a luscious and rich Korma can easily impress each one of us. Cooked in a paste of nuts, onions, curd, rich spices and desi ghee, kormas are laden with flavor. And if you are looking for a way to take your delicious dinner a notch higher, here is the recipe for a truly indulgent Badam Gosht Korma. The thick velvety almond and curd gravy, the melt-in-mouth soft mutton chunks and the delicious aroma of the dish make it the quintessential Mughal recipe fit for your next royal fare. Just pair it with some fluffy rice or buttered naan for a satisfying and wholesome meal.

badam korma

Badam Gosht Korma is topped with pieces of Almonds

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Why does the humble korma enjoy such a hype you may ask? Isn’t it like just any other mutton curry? Well, the answer to that is that no, it definitely isn’t like just any other mutton curry. While mutton curries are cooked in a mix of different spices, Korma has a dedicated spot for heaps of fried onions and yogurt, it has to be cooked in an aromatic mix of desi ghee and whole spices and is usually flavored with either kewra or rose water, in the end, to add to the dose of decadence. The flavor profile is much deeper and richer than any other mutton curry and is a sure-shot winner whenever it comes to decadent mutton recipes to impress friends and family. Now before you start drooling on your seats, here is a recipe for a rich Badam Gosht Korma that you can easily make at home.

How To Make Badam Gosht Korma l Badam Gosht Korma Recipe:

The Badam Gosht Korma is made in rich almond-based gravy, for which you need to prepare an almond paste. Wash and soak almonds in warm water for around 10 minutes. Peel off the skin and take half of the almonds and some yogurt to create a thick paste. This is going to act as the base of our gravy. In a pan add ghee, whole spices, mutton and fry until the mutton has changed color. Add ginger-garlic paste, dried spices, and Badam yogurt paste one by one in 5-minute intervals. Add the fried onions that have been crushed well. Finally, add water and let the mutton korma simmer for around 30 minutes. Check if mutton pieces are soft, garnish with remaining almonds and some coriander leaves. Serve hot and enjoy.

Click here for the step-by-by recipe for Badam Gosht Korma.

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Try making a rich and delicious mutton dish for your next royal fare, let us know how the recipe turns out in the comments below.

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