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Hydration Rules: The 4 Facts & Myths You Need To Know About Water

There is nothing on earth as simple as a glass of water. And yet, our habits and understanding regarding H2O are a little murky. Some of us still stubbornly resist hydration, though it could soothe some of our everyday qualms. Others are drinking water based on antiquated advice. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to create the hydration rules: a few simple and best practices to get you drinking more water.

The hydration rules start with awareness. If we really understood how fundamental water is physically, mentally, and emotionally, we would stop holding back the river and befriend the faucet. They’re also about making hydration easier—and that’s where Twinings Cold Infuse™ flavored cold water enhancers come in. Because when your water is infused with subtle herbal and fruity flavors like Watermelon & Mint, drinking water no longer feels like a chore.

Getting into a hydration habit is the No. 1 thing you can do for your wellness, so let’s take it one rule at a time.

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