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I’m A Functional MD & These Are The Best Ways To Lose Water Weight

Processed carbohydrates (especially for people with gluten sensitivities), sugars, and alcohol tend to be inflammatory in nature. Many of my patients will report feeling “puffy” after eating processed foods or drinking alcohol, as inflammation can manifest as water weight.

Taking some of these foods and drinks out of your diet can help you determine which of them (if any) may be triggering the water weight. That said, eliminating them altogether can be challenging, so first ask yourself if you can do it alone or if you need the support of a doctor, dietitian, or coach. Then, figure out a way to limit these items incrementally, rather than in one fell swoop.

I recommend starting with one meal at a time (i.e. remove processed carbs from breakfast only first, and then slowly begin removing them from your lunch, dinner, snacks, etc). 

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