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It’s Way Too Hot, So We’re Making This Super Easy (Vegan!) Gazpacho

It’s been a warm summer, to say the least. And while Labor Day may be within sight, we’re still going to have plenty of warm days to fill with nutritious meals. If there’s one perfect dish for when it’s simply too hot to use the oven, it’s gazpacho.

This recipe comes courtesy of Max La Manna on Instagram, where he shares vegan, low-waste recipes that always make us want to hop into our kitchens. This green gazpacho is perfect for a busy evening, because it’s as simple as adding the ingredients to your blender and chilling it in the fridge.

The mix of greens includes cucumbers, avocado, lime, and basil—which are ingredients you often find in a gazpacho recipe. Creamy plant-based yogurt helps bring the mix together, along with some good extra virgin olive oil and a bit of water. One unique addition is the green ends of leeks, which add a subtle onion flavor to the mixture that you may not expect, but you’ll certainly appreciate.

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