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Microsoft next Surface Book laptop to bring design refresh and new hardware capabilities

Microsoft is reportedly working on the successor of its Surface Book 3 laptop and is expected to launch it later this year, according to a report by Windows Central. Likely to be called Surface Laptop 4, it is expected to feature latest generation specifications and features. However, a new report is suggesting that the company might bring a new hinge design and mechanism.
Windows Central also speculates that the laptop might not be the direct successor to the Surface Pro 3. Instead it can be Surface Book Pro or Surface Book Studio. No strong evidence is available for these names though.
So, the alleged Surface Book 4 is supposed to feature a new form factor and a hinge design. The information is based on a recent patent filed by the company and according to it, Microsoft might ditch the detachable design of Surface Book and move towards a more of a Surface Studio-like design.
The image from the patent application shows that the display can be pulled forwards and back as per the need. This will not only add more flexibility as a ‘Pro’-grade laptop, will also allow Microsoft to introduce a much powerful internal to the lineup. So, we can expect to see much more powerful 8-core processors like other premium offerings in the market than just the 4-core CPUs.
It is also rumoured that the next generation Surface Book will feature Nvidia GeForce RTX series graphics.
Apart from that, reports also suggest new display options with dynamic high refresh rate, larger trackpad and more.

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