With the temperature dropping drastically, everyone wants to look for ways to warm up. From nuts to hot chocolate, we look forward to a variety of food options. And, some of us even refer to our granny’s recipe book to find ways to deal with the cold. Don’t we? Then you must be very well aware of the benefits of turmeric and its importance during the winter season. So, why are we talking about turmeric today? Because nutritionist Pooja Makhija is here with an “immunity shots” recipe that includes the spice. Clear, right? As per Pooja, “Punch every disease in the face. Your kitchen is your best pharmacy – especially our Indian kitchen and its hidden ancient ingredients.”

So how do you prepare this? Pooja first took fresh turmeric and mixed chopped carrots and ginger to it. She grind it all and blended them together into a single drink using a little bit of water. Finally, she strained the mixture using a sieve and immunity shots were ready. Along with the video, Pooja added, “Shoot this immunity-boosting drink for your cold cough, arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.”     

Take a look:

A while back, Pooja Makhija shared another recipe with a healthy twist for all the ones who are a fan of the famous dessert Tiramisu. She shared the video on Instagram calling the delicacy “healthy tiramisu French toast”. For this, she took an egg in a bowl and mixed some almond milk, coffee shot and organic stevia to it. She dipped two brown bread slices into the mixture and heated them on a pan. She did add some coconut yoghurt with honey to one of the slices. The final step included putting one slice on the other and garnishing it with some coffee and unsweetened cocoa powder.  

The best part about Pooja Makhija’s recipes is that they are all intended to give your body a healthy dose of nutrition.

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