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Porsche previews the high-tech concept it’s bringing to Munich

Porsche will travel to the first edition of the Munich auto show to unveil what it calls a future-oriented concept study. While the full design is still hidden, a preview image published by the firm contains a few valuable hints.

Posted on social media, the teaser sketch depicts the front end of a bright red car with boomerang-shaped headlights. The four individual LEDs create a visual link between the concept (whose name hasn’t been revealed yet) and the Taycan, so we’re guessing this is another EV. We’re told it will feature “cutting-edge technology.”

Several electric cars appear on Porsche’s product timeline, including the second-generation Macan, but we don’t think this is an SUV. The company pointed out that it has been testing new features and technologies on the race track for over 70 years, and that the concept follows this path. This statement is accompanied by the #sportscar hashtag, so we might be looking at something along the lines of an electric two-seater, though this is speculation.

Of course, there are other possible options. Unverified rumors claim Porsche officials are debating whether to release a smaller electric sedan that would slot beneath the Taycan. Coupe and convertible versions of the Taycan are still on the table, according to an earlier report, though they haven’t been approved for production yet. What’s certain is that the concept won’t preview an electric 911; company boss Oliver Blume told us it’s not happening.

Regarding the technology the preview alluded to, there are a lot of new additions to Porsche’s armada of powertrain solutions. It will start building a new type of battery cell for race cars in the 2020s, and some high-end production cars will use them as well. That project is still at the embryonic stage of development, so it might be too early for the company to preview what it has in store. It’s also working on several joint projects with Croatia-based Rimac.

Porsche will present its next concept on September 6, and it will stream the unveiling online. The design study will make its public debut on September 7 at the 2021 Munich auto show, which replaces the Frankfurt show.

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