We all know the struggle of getting out of bed on a cold winter morning. Don’t we? In such a situation, planning an extensive breakfast menu is possibly the last thing we would want to do. But avoiding morning meal is also not something we approve of. Health experts from across the world recommend breakfast as the most important meal of the day. A wholesome morning meal not only helps us kick-start the day, but also aids overall health. This is why we are in constant search for foods that are easy to make and loads us up with essential nutrients. Poha makes a popular breakfast option for all. It is versatile, nutrient-rich and fulfilling to the core. You can also prepare a wide range of healthy and delicious recipes with just a handful of poha. One such amazing dish is doodh poha.

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Popular in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat, Doodh poha is made with thick poha, milk and dry fruits. In other words, doodh poha is basically a porridge that can be prepared in just 5 minutes. And to add a seasonal vibe to the meal, we love including some fresh gud in the dish. You can also customise the recipe as per your choice. Instead of adding dry fruits, you can also garnish doodh poha with seasonal fresh fruits. Sounds wholesome, isn’t it? So without further ado, let’s get on with the recipe.

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5-Min Breakfast Recipe: How To Make Doodh Poha:

To make doodh poha, first you need to curate the ingredients and keep them handy. Take poha (the thick ones) in a bowl and clean it in running it. Then, get milk, cardamom, bay leaf, jiggery (you can also get sugar instead) and dry fruits of your choice. For this recipe, we used cashew nuts, almonds and raisins.

Now, boil the milk with cardamom and bay leaf. Then add the soaked poha in it and stir continuously to avoid burning. When you get the desired consistency, lower the flame and add jiggery to it. Finally garnish with dry fruits and serve.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe.

Much simple, isn’t it? Prepare it today and enjoy a quick and easy breakfast. Do not forget to let us know how you liked it.

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