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The Best Drinks To Sip Before Bed For Stellar Sleep (Nope, Not Water)

It wouldn’t be a story about what to drink before bed if we didn’t mention what not to drink before bed: alcohol and caffeine. Both can interfere with your sleep, with alcohol inhibiting REM sleep, and of course, caffeine making it harder for you to fall asleep in the first place.

And when it comes to what you do want to drink, you might be wondering, what about waking up to use the bathroom? According to Winter, you can hydrate as much as you want if you don’t mind getting up to go to the bathroom. “If it happens, it’s no big deal really,” he says.

But of course, if you would rather sleep through the night, Stephenson says to simply enjoy your bedtime beverages about an hour before bed, and use the bathroom right before you go to sleep.

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