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Think You Could Be An Empath? 12 Signs To Watch Out For & What It Really Means

Given the particular set of gifts empaths are equipped with, their relationships can be very deep—but also come with their own set of challenges.

As Richardson explains, empaths can have a hard time maintaining boundaries and will sometimes put their partner’s needs before their own. This can lead to them trying to manage their partner’s emotions or even withdraw from intimacy altogether, overwhelmed by how much the relationship affects them.

According to Richardson, this is why it’s particularly important for empaths to set emotional boundaries, avoid narcissists, and be mindful not to completely merge with their partner. (Check out her full guide to dating as an empath for more tips.)

And if you’re dating an empath yourself, remember that they have a unique experience when it comes to interacting with others, especially in a romantic setting.

If they need space or time to themselves, don’t take it personally. Being supportive means encouraging them to do their own thing, validating their experiences, and not taking advantage of their highly empathetic nature. They like their physical space to be comfortable and tidy, so take that into consideration, too.

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