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This Functional MD’s 7-Point Strategy Could Help You Achieve Optimal Well-Being

For Berzin, functional medicine physician and founder of Parsley Health, a 7-point functional medicine approach to health involves taking a broad-reaching view of a person’s well-being. Through testing, nutrition, supplements, exercise, mental health, medications, and coaching or community support, she connects the best of primary care with functional medicine to create a third model of treatment that responds to today’s ever-evolving health care environment.

Fortunately, this comprehensive approach, also called the 7-prongs of functional medicine, is a crucial part of mbg’s functional nutrition coaching program curriculum. This module in the program demonstrates how Berzin employs a patient-first strategy to address the origin of a condition, and then prescribes a personalized plan. Although each medical case is distinct, here is a glimpse into how Berzin uses the 7-point approach to functional medicine:

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