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This Is The Do-It-All Ingredient To Help Your Skin Look Clear As Day

“Green tea is safe, soothing, and well tolerated by even the most sensitive skin types,” says Bailey. “It is my top choice for an antioxidant-rich botanical to add to a skin care routine.” 

Skin reactions, more often than not, typically stem from other irritating ingredients in the formula. In market products, it could be things like fragrance or preservatives (especially if you use it around the delicate eye area); in DIY concoctions, the culprit could even be another botanical in the tea blend. “I recommend that you only use pure green tea and avoid tea blends that contain botanicals that might be allergens, such as citrus or jasmine,” Bailey notes. 

Of course, you should consult a derm if you’re experiencing any reactions or if you think you may be extra sensitive to the effects of caffeine (especially if you slather a green tea lotion on larger surface areas). And while green tea does have some UV-protective properties, it shouldn’t ever replace proper sunscreen. 

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