If there is one thing that we love to watch on the internet, it has to be all things related to food! Whether it is a mix of something delicious looking, any food experimentation, or the upcoming food trends, we always have our eyes set on it. And as we bring these things to you, one of the latest trends that seem to be going viral are gold plated foods. Till now, we have seen super expensive gold plated momos, vada pav, and even a mithai. Adding to this list, now we have gold plated ice cream! Yes, you heard us right. Even an ice cream now sees a gold version of it!

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In a recent video uploaded by Instagram user @abhinavjeswani, we can see a man making this gold-plated ice cream. The video begins with the shopkeeper adding some ice cream to a chocolate cone. Then he puts a sheet of gold on it and tops it with a few cherries. As per @abhinavjeswani this ”24K gold ice cream” is from a cafe called Huber and Holly in Hyderabad. The cost of this ice cream is Rs. 500 and additional taxes on it. Look at the video here:

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has been viewed 2.9 million times, has 230k likes and hundreds of comments on it! Many people have called it tasty, and some have also mentioned that they would like to try this ice cream. At the same time, many others have also commented that the ice cream is overpriced and not worth it.

One user wrote, “This is looting people in the name of 24k gold.” Another person said, “500 bucks just for a softy??? That’s too much.” Some have also said that consuming an excess of gold wark can be “harmful” for the health.

What do you think about this gold-plated ice cream? Would you try it? Let us know in the comments below!

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