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Why You Should Leave The Skin On Chicken For Extra Collagen

And let’s not forget, collagen helps make up the structure of our own skin—we actually make our own supply via our cells’ fibroblasts (although, our natural levels decrease with age), so it makes sense you’d find an abundance in animal skin as well. 

Tendons and ligaments are also very high in that connective tissue; in fact, one study used chicken cartilage as a collagen source to help with joint comfort.* Another study found that women who took collagen supplements made from chicken cartilage saw major improvements in aging skin, including reducing fine lines and wrinkles.*

This chicken anatomy lesson has a point (so stay with us, here): If you’re eating boneless, skinless chicken breasts, you’re not consuming that collagen-rich cartilage. They’re still a good source of protein in their own right, no hate against chicken breasts, but if you are hoping to reap the benefits of collagen, don’t omit the best part of the equation. Finally, no matter how you prepare your bird, organic, pasture-raised chicken is the way to go, if it’s accessible to you. 

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